Embroidery Sketching

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Every one dream to be happy and successful in his future life, for the same he needs to get appropriate academic and professional skills in accordance with his interest. Prior to visit our system he might be discussed various professional courses with his fellows and native institutions.

Frankly speaking when some people approach us for their counseling regarding the professional carrier, we thoroughly study their objectives, plans and passions prior to recommending this trade because carrier in embroidery industry can give all and more. Becoming the part of this fast growing and most demanding field they will be able to get unbelievable benefits some of them are as below:

  1. Excellent job prospectus and carrier orientation.
  2. Regular demands in industries, Brands and design Houses even in crucial climates.
  3. Easiest job opportunities on part time, full time and contract basis.
  4. Handsome salary packages on part time and full time bases.
  5. Easiest mobility between industries and countries.
  6. Most helpful to establish and type of fashion business.
  7. A real supportive qualification to meet our academic targets like higher education.
  8. Easiest job placement in Pakistan and other countries as well.

Salient Features

  1. Professional Training Team
  2. Morning Evening and Night Classes
  3. Alternative Days coaching System
  4. For Boys and Girls
  5. Real Professional Environment
  6. Industrial Visits
  7. Govt certification
  8. Professional Internship
  9. On merit job placement facility
  10. Flexible payment terms.

Our Training System

  1. Class room Group Training
  2. Personal/ one to one Training
  3. Online Live Training
  4. Sunday Fast Track Training
  5. Refresher/Updating Training
  6. WILCOM Seminars
  7. Home Training Program
  8. Professional Internship Program
  9. Distance learning Certificate Program
  10. Professional Evaluation Program


Wilcom Professional Training

A course outline is a document that benefits students and instructors. It is an essential piece when designing any course. The course outline has a few purposes. A syllabus is a planning tool. Writing it guides the instructor’s development of the course. Our design course outline thoroughly covers the student need to cover his traing in best smooth manners. Day by day time schedule will also be provided at the time your first day class. Pattern assignment has also been produced to give a comprehensive cover to our students.

Semester 1.

  1. Software Review
  2. Basic Drawings
  3. Digital Sketching
  4. Pattern Making
  5. Sample Sketching

Semester 2

  1. Digitizing/Punching
  2. Advance Digitizing
  3. Sequin/Cross Stitch
  4. Sample Punching
  5. Sketch Punching

Semester 3

  1. Stitch Handling
  2. Needle Setting
  3. Head Setting
  4. Head Selection Setting
  5. Design Editing

Semester 4

  1. Software Revision
  2. Project Costing
  3. Industrial Visits
  4. Final Projects
  5. Diploma Tests

Training Schedule

  • Professional Diploma 6-Months
  • Home Coaching. 4-Months
  • Fast Track 3-Months
  • Online Training 3-Months

New Classes Schedule

  • 1st November, 2018

Training Venue:

    F-5, Rukhsanda Height
    Opp. Ravi Block Allama Iqbal Town,’
    Near Sabzazar Metro Station # 20
    Kharak Nala Stop, Multan Road, Lahore
    Wicom House, Gondal Chowk,
    Kacha Jail Road Chungi Amar Sidhu,
    Feroze Pur Road, Lahore
  • Call: 0323-842-7523